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Compeling Content and engaging experience 


Your brand goes beyond the way you look and talk. If you want to prove yourself within your industry, it’s also about the content and experiences that you deliver.

Over the last years we’ve provided award-winning content such as 3D animation, motion graphics, video production and games for a huge variety of clients, connecting them with audiences worldwide. Effective and engaging content drives site traffic, brand recognition and authority. We know how to make this work for you.

Our Content Creation Specialities

3D, CGI & Animation


Bring your brand content and experiences to life with Odd Crew’s complete 3D, CGI and animation expertise. Our team of concept designers, 3D artists, illustrators and animators have a proven knack for creating compelling content that can transport your audience directly into your brand’s own unique world.

Filming & Video Production


Video plays a vital role in the sales funnel, from introducing your brand to convincing a customer at point-of-sale – which is probably why businesses that use video are growing revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. We create video content that can drive brand engagement and boost your own business growth.

Graphic Design & Art Direction


Design is the expression of your brand in the real world, and it’s very often the first thing that your audience will see – which goes to show how important it is to get right. We have the creative direction and design skills to help you build a distinctive visual language that will make your brand pop.






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